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Campus Conversation




No later than
December 1, 2004

Individuals may submit their responses.



Once collected, the ideas received will be reviewed and summarized by the Campus Advisory Group (CAG) http://www.uni.edu/pres/univcomm/advisory.shtml.


January 27, 2005

A white paper will distributed to the campus summarizing the responses.


Feb. 4, 2005

A campus wide conference will be held to discuss the white paper.


Feb. 28, 2005

CAG will formulate and publish a preliminary set of recommendations for action. All will be invited to comment on this publication electronically for the following two weeks. 


March 28, 2005

Based on those comments, the CAG will prepare a near final set of recommendations, which will be submitted to formal governance groups for final review and comment.


May 2, 2005

Final review and comment process is to be completed.