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Campus Conversation



November 2, 2004
Campus Advisory Group
University of Northern Iowa

Dear Campus Advisory Group members:

I invite you to encourage all UNI faculty, staff, and student employees to participate in a campus conversation focused on the working climate and culture at UNI.  The discussion will focus on these questions:   "What makes UNI a great place to work?   What would make it better?"  We are seeking answers to these questions which can be implemented to benefit not only individual employees, but can contribute to the realization of UNI's mission of offering a world class university education, providing personalized experiences, and a lifetime of opportunities to students and employees alike.

The timeline for this review of the working climate and culture at UNI is ambitious.   Ideas are sought beginning immediately from all who wish to offer them.  Individuals may submit their response to you or send them directly to conversation@uni.edu.  All contributions should be made by December 1, 2004.

Once collected, the ideas received will be reviewed and summarized by the Campus Advisory Group (CAG) http://www.uni.edu/pres/univcomm/advisory.shtml.  The results of that work will be published to the campus electronically on January 18, 2005 as a white paper designed to stimulate further discussion.

To facilitate that discussion, a campus wide conference will be held Friday, Feb. 4, 2005.  That conference will further inform the discussion of CAG, which will then formulate and publish a preliminary set of recommendations for action by Monday, February 21, 2005.  All will be invited to comment on this publication electronically for the following two weeks.  Based on those comments, the CAG will prepare a near final set of recommendations by March 28, 2005, which will be submitted to formal governance groups for final review and comment.  That process is to be completed by May 2, 2005. 

The CAG will make its final recommendations to the Cabinet and others as appropriate for implementation consideration beginning in FY06.

I look forward to a vigorous and stimulating conversation and thank you for your help in assuring that will happen.


Robert D. Koob